At the suggestion of Shrimpinista( ) I purchased some food from Ken’s Fish. I purchased both Ken’s Premium Vegetable Flake and Ken’s Premium Spirulina Max Flake and my shrimp love it. I used to feed them algae tablets and they would eventually find it and then I will have to remove the left overs and it was a pain. Both of these foods my shrimp come searching for. I highly recommend either of these foods for any high end shrimp tank. I also bought some golden pearls to feed to the fry when they are born/hatched, since I am still waiting on that I cannot comment on how well it works but so far I am very impressed.

Also I will say that the quantities for the price are quite generous. I also Purchased a few items from their sale section which was really cool and has some rather good deals.

Shipping pricing was average.

Overall a top notch vendor.