The Orange Eyed Blue Tiger shrimp (also know as OEBT) is arguably one of the most visually pleasing  shrimp in the dwarf shrimp hobby. This page will give a breakdown of the specifics of my breeding tank and how you can reproduce my (hopefully) success. I will not just tell you what water parameters I have but how I achieved them. I will not just tell you about feeding frequency but also about what food to feed them.

Water Parameters

  • Ideal Tmp – 68-70f
  • Max Temp – 66-78f

Heating and Cooling Guide

  • Ideal pH – 6.8-7.0
  • Max pH – 6.5 – 7.8

pH Maintenance Guide

Recommended approximate Hardness

  • KH ~ 10-30ppm (~1-2 degrees)
  • GH ~ 30-90ppm (~2-5 degrees)

I have noticed that these shrimp are much more active in water that is between 70-72 degrees that is just slightly acidic.


I find that the Mopani driftwood and the Indian Almond Leaves keep the shrimp pretty well fed to be honest, they typically show little interest in store bought food so I only  feed them every 2-3 days, and even then it takes some time for them to find the food. I suspect as my colony grows (currently about 18 OEBT in a 25 gallon tank) this will no longer be the case as they are currently at about 10% of recommended max capacity.

Many sites talk about sexing of these shrimp as either easy or near impossible. When it comes to tiger shrimp in general I believe it is fairly easy but you need some experience to be able to pick out the traits, the tails being the most important. The tails of the female have a rounded underbelly to hold the eggs, the females also have a wider tail section in general.

Experimental, still working on the reliability of this method: Males from the top view have much thinner tails that almost follow a straight line from the head section, where you can see angles or roundness in the tail of the female from above.


Started at 1.6wpg and now upped it to 4 wpg, not sure which is better for the shrimp. I can half the new lighting system and will probably do so in the summer to limit tank heating from lighting. running the 4 watts per gallon mid day has to be limited to 2 hours until i get a fan, otherwise the water heats up too fast.

More to come as I learn more.