You can Buy OEBT from many sources online. I have purchased from a number of vendors and some of the reviews will follow this guide.


When purchasing OEBT, it is important to know what you are getting and where that stock comes from. It is also important to buy from a reputable dealer if you have serious aspirations about breeding your own colony. Since there is such great variance in color among OEBT it is better to buy only young shrimp. Too often is the case in people who sell older and adult shrimp that you are getting culls. Rarely do people who sell these shrimp label them as such, and often the result is less than pleasing. Additionally when buying older shrimp you are more likely to end up with more males than females as typically berried females will not be including in shipped packages. This means that your ratio could be over 70% male, which will make starting a colony more difficult. For this reason you are better off buying very young shrimp as you are likely to get 50% of each sex and in 2 months they will be breeding and happy anyway. Additionally since these shrimp do not color up until later in life it also means you will not be getting a cull but rather a good mix of stock.

Personally I prefer to buy from breeders vs. importers. Domestic breeders often have stronger strain shrimp who have not been through the stress of international shipping. The time for shrimp from a domestic breeder to adjust and be comfortable in your water is shorter than that of imported shrimp. There are very good importers out there that will give you good shrimp that will breed successfully, but I personally would rather support local/national breeders than send money to overseas breeders.


AlphaProBreeders  (High grade young shrimp – *****)

AquaticaCafe (highly recommend but very limited supply – *****)

Wicca25 aquabid seller (Avoid this seller – *)

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