I will update my initial review to 3/5 stars because they did attempt to reship a second time. That said the second shipping was only marginally more successful that the first.

There were broken bags and bags with 100% loss. Less than 20% of my order (dollar wise) arrived alive (about 60% specimen wise). None of the more expensive shrimp survived and the majority of the survivors were painted fire red cherry shrimp… not worth paying the 70 dollars shipping twice.

I would suggest that if you even consider using this service (which I would strongly caution against) you specify that you are willing to wait until their next “transshipper” shippment as it seems to be the “safer” option. It will mean waiting 1-3 weeks before they ship out your order but it means that you are more likely to get live shrimp.

Initial Review

2 stars

I am very much pro buying local and this experience definitely made me re-affirm that stance. I figured 100 tiger shrimp for 40 USD was too good to pass up, even with the 70 dollars shipping, I decided to take a risk and give them a shot, I also figured that if I was paying for shipping I should add on some shrimp and make it worth the order, so I did just that and in the end my total order was 270+70 for shipping.

The order did arrive 4 days after the ship date (thank usps) which is not bad at all, however the shipper did not use any kind temperature stabilizer like phase 22 gel and also packed the shrimp 10 adults to 1 cup of water. Needless to say all the shrimp were dead on arrival and the seller said that they would reship if I paid shipping again. I had no intention of paying for shipping a second time when they said they would not include cold packs(I didn’t ask for cold packs) and didn’t know what phase 22 gel was.

They claimed it was a fluke but refused my offer to reship and I would pay shipping if it arrived alive (which I thought was fair).

In the end they refused to refund the cost of shipping even though it was their poor practices that cause the dead shrimp.

Lesson learned only buy from local breeders.

Additionally their communication was very slow, it took them several weeks to respond to questions.