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Day 5

As many of you may know I have recently been fighting off a bacterial infection in 2 of my tanks. In addition to 8 of the 10 shrimp sent to me in the initial order that I believe infected my tanks I have since lost 4 of my OEBTs (including the mother of these babies) 7 adult normal tigers including 2 berried females, 1 African dwarf frog, 1 guppy and probably more that I didn’t even see.

If you are planning on buying Orange Eyed Blue Tigers I recommend you read through this blog about how to spot infection in new shrimp, how to quarantine them effectively and how to treat them, also you may want to check out my vendor reviews so you know who to avoid.

Here is the hope left behind I have some baby OEBTs in my tank and I will be tracking them and watching them grow. I will be buying some more BTOEs and OEBTs to supplement my population as well once I am sure everything is stabilized.

Here are 2 photos of one of the babies on the glass this morning.

Baby OEBT day 5

For a point of reference my finger next to a 5 day old baby.

I didn’t see any babies yesterday, and while I was a little worries because the mother had died, I was still optimistic. Today I managed to spot 2 distinct babies around the tank and given how small they are and hard to spot I would not be surprised if there were at least a few more. Here is hoping.





Well at least 2 orphans. The girl who I followed around with a camera for the last month was found dead this morning, the day after hatching her eggs. One hell of a crappy birthday present!

I did see 2 of her babies in the tank and was able to snap these pictures.


Day 1 – OEBT development – “I am born”

Well she hatched her eggs, not sure how many babies are in the tank but after about 20 minutes of searching I found this guy(or girl).


Day 25 – Where have all the eggs gone?

Perhaps it is my own optimism but her eggs are all gone, I have not seen any of the little guys yet, but I am assuming she hatched them.

Day 24

I checked this morning and I the pregnant girl is still pregnant. I went to take a picture but it seems I left my camera on last night so the battery is dead. Looks like the broad spectrum antibiotics are working well. The shrimp who were cloudy are less cloudy and things are looking up. I will post pictures later today if I can find the girl.

Aquabid Vendor Wicca25 – Updated Vendor Review – Be careful when buying OEBT


The Shrimp arrived quickly and professionally packaged; however this was obviously a cull of unwanted shrimp and not a random mix of shrimp and didn’t resemble the shrimp in the auction photos at all.I will say the general color grade of the shrimp was rather low, judging the shrimp after 36 hours acclimation to near perfect water parameters based on the scale provided HERE 1 is Dark Blue, 1 is Semi Dark Blue, 2 are  blonde, 6 are lighter than light blue. Update the Shrimp didn’t color up more than the initial picture.

Link to the Auction:

Photo of the actual shrimp

Orange Eyed Blue Tigers

New arrival OEBT shrimp

My biggest problem with this seller is that instead of admitting they sent a cull of unwanted shrimp, they insisted that it was shipping stress and then when that didn’t pan out said I needed darker substrate. While I sit there looking at my awesome shrimp from aquaticacafe that are a deep dark blue on the same substrate as the cull sent by this seller. For a reference here are two of the shrimp from AquaticaCafe and two from Wicca. I ended up taking the 2 blonde and the 4 lightest blue males and moving them to my community tank and plan on letting them “mingle” with my established Tiger colony as an experiment and the rest are in my OEBT tank(turns out was a bad idea). I didn’t notice at the time but you can see a slight cloudiness in the shrimp sent by Wicca as well, a sign of a bacterial infection (that has since infected part of my native populations in 2 tanks)

Vendor comparison

Top were from AC and the bottom from Wicca25

To add further proof to my claims of infection and coloration here are two posts made by Wicca(27) on plantedtank. This is in a thread about her own losses to what I attribute to a bacterial infection where she claims that she cannot tell because all of her shrimp are deep blue/almost black oh and they are dying.

I used screenshots to prevent future edits (click to enlarge)

*Update* I have requested that the seller refund part of my money to help pay for the cost of treating my 2 tanks and cover some of the lost shrimp and have not heard back from the seller.

*Update 2* The seller refuses to even acknowledge that she could be the source of the infection, and have refused to refund any money. Seller has not disputed the fact that she sent me a cull of low grade shrimp despite what was pictured in her auction. Seller asked me to post a link the the above mentioned thread, I have no desire to do so, it is worth noting that the seller changed her claim of an infection to a claim of a contaminated drainage/fill hose after I mentioned that the shrimp she sent me were showing signs of bacterial infection.

*Final Update* – Almost all my tiger shrimp in 2 tanks were killed. 23 OEBT and almost 40 Tigers/Super tigers. Very few of my other shrimp were effected.

Final thoughts

I will not do business with this seller again and suggest you take great caution before purchasing from this person. Honestly I don’t mind being sent a cull of shrimp (even if it was deceptive), I don’t mind that they happened to have an infection, my problem with this seller is that they consistently told blatant lies to try and cover their ass instead of owning up and working to make the customer happy or at least giving me a chance to fight off the infection. The seller stated they don’t care about making money(while refusing a partial refund) and this was just a hobby so they didn’t care about negative reviews and loss of profits. This translates to me as the seller does not care about her customers and only sells things to further fund her hobby at the expense of others.

Day 22 – Berried OEBT – About to Hatch

Most of the eggs have changed color a bit,some are still that orange color, but for the most part I think everything is going well, I hope she will hatch in the next day or so.

Berried OEBT 22 days

Not sure if you can tell but the eggs all look ready to hatch

She wont leave this spot in the Mopani

I think it fits her ass. (on a serious note she does leave but always into a similar hidey hole.

Berried OEBT – Day 21 (and a half)

Okay got a new flashlight and some better pictures of the girl. It is hard to tell in the picture, but she will be hatching any day now. Perhaps today!!!. I can hope but even if she does I probably wont see the little buggers for a while, there are so many places to hide in that tank. Wish me luck, enjoy the pictures.

That's me in the corner.

That's me in the spotlight

Losing my religion...?

I thought that I heard you laughing

I thought that I heard you sing

Day 21 – She Returns/Post tea bath

21 days berried, the eggs looks like they will hatch any minute, very excited. I must apologize for the quality of the pictures as the water is much more yellow again because last night I treated it with a garlic and IAL tea as a preventive measure last night. The last shipment of OEBT may have been had a bacterial/viral infection and I wanted to knock it out (instructions to make the tea at the bottom).  So once again sorry for the lower quality photos but the health of the tank is more important than the best photos.


Is this Disney Land?

Because this sure feels like a log ride

Berried OEBT day 21

Prego Shimpo --- Sounds like it should go on pasta right?




















Garlic IAL Tea – Crush 5 med-large IAL leaves and place them in a large bowl (should hold at lease a 1 Liter) . Add either 2 cloves finely diced garlic or 1 tablespoon high grade garlic powder to the bowl of leaves. Add 2.5 cups boiling water to the bowl and use a potato masher or other kitchen tool to apply pressure to the leaves, stir occasionally over 10 minutes and then strain through a cheese cloth or a fine mesh net  and put in the freezer (in a non-glass container) for about 1.5 hours. Personally I keep the crushed IAL leaves with garlic in the freezer as I find they are very appetizing to shrimp later, as they are pre-softened, have a hint of garlic and wont go bad in the tank.

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