The vendor of my first patch of OEBTs and extremely helpful and informative. I asked more questions than I probably should have and must of been someone annoying, but the answers kept coming and she was very polite about it. As this blog moves forward I hope to reproduce some of that information so people can find it more easily in the future. What I am getting at is that it was a great buying experience and I would recommend buying from this person if they are selling the Orange Eye Blue Tigers again in the future. (I believe it is a limited quantity operation as are most OEBT breeding programs. Oh one more thing within 5 minutes of adding these shrimp to my tank I saw them breed. (nothing spectacular and takes about 1 second in total, and now that same female is the one mentioned here :

Keep in mind that picture is taken in very low light conditions in tea colored water so the colors do not show up as vibrantly as they actually are.

Speaking of color, the shrimp I received were almost all  blue (11blue and 2 blonde) and the two uncolored juvenile extras sent also colored up to blue.  The color was almost entirely dark blue and almost black on some of the shrimp, these were very high grade orange eye blue tiger shrimp that she had for sale.

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