21 days berried, the eggs looks like they will hatch any minute, very excited. I must apologize for the quality of the pictures as the water is much more yellow again because last night I treated it with a garlic and IAL tea as a preventive measure last night. The last shipment of OEBT may have been had a bacterial/viral infection and I wanted to knock it out (instructions to make the tea at the bottom).  So once again sorry for the lower quality photos but the health of the tank is more important than the best photos.


Is this Disney Land?

Because this sure feels like a log ride

Berried OEBT day 21

Prego Shimpo --- Sounds like it should go on pasta right?




















Garlic IAL Tea – Crush 5 med-large IAL leaves and place them in a large bowl (should hold at lease a 1 Liter) . Add either 2 cloves finely diced garlic or 1 tablespoon high grade garlic powder to the bowl of leaves. Add 2.5 cups boiling water to the bowl and use a potato masher or other kitchen tool to apply pressure to the leaves, stir occasionally over 10 minutes and then strain through a cheese cloth or a fine mesh net  and put in the freezer (in a non-glass container) for about 1.5 hours. Personally I keep the crushed IAL leaves with garlic in the freezer as I find they are very appetizing to shrimp later, as they are pre-softened, have a hint of garlic and wont go bad in the tank.