For clarification it has been 7 days since I first noticed the female berried, and approximately 15 since I “think” I saw her mate. (think as it is hard to really tell since mating lasts all of 2 seconds… on a good day.

She seems to be quite healthy and active and spends most of her time on the IAL (Indian Almond Leaf), I snapped the photo when she decided to play on the moss ball because it offers more contrast.

(click the image to enlarge and see in high res)

I also did a 5% water change today, most people do 10-15% but my water is clear and the parameters are perfect I am not sure I need to do more than 5% as I don’t want to swing the chemistry in any direction and put the tank at risk. Perhaps I am being too cautious, but so long as the tests look good and the shrimp seem happy, I think I will keep it up this way.