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Then again my wife required a c-section and never actually went into labor, but you get the idea. Also not sure what you call it once a shrimp starts to hatch the eggs but it has been 2 days and I really want to move her over into my Orange Eyed Blue tiger tank to get her knocked up again.

I have mentioned it before but my plan is to take all the normal tigers who get berried in my 55 gallon and put them in a breeder net until they hatch, them move them into my OEBT tank until they are berried again. Eventually getting the blue gene into my tiger population and then reintroducing any prime blues that appear in my community tank to my oebt tank.

I have been waiting to put a co2 system into my OEBT tank as it lowers pH and my pH has been consitently creeping lower. While not uncommon in a tank of RO water with Indian Almond Leaf and Driftwood I did not want to take any risks so when I added the CO2 system I set it to very low and added just a little Sodium Bicarbonate to the filter. I plan to pay close attention to the  pH over the next week to play it safe.

Ninja Shrimp

I am still baffled by the shrimp that keep escaping my breeder box. Is there a ninja school for shrimp out there? the top is almost an inch over the water line and yet they still escape.

Anyone out there have any tips or similar experiences