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Professional service and high quality shrimp that have a long history (bred by APB for over 7 years) of excellence.

APB ships small OEBT but I have never seen OEBT that have such nice color when so small. Most will not be colored up but when you see solid blue at 1/4th an inch you know you have very high quality stock.

I received 13 total shrimp instead of 10 and they all survived with 2nd day shipping.

Personally I recommend getting very young shrimp as you know you are more likely to get an even mix of sexes so in a month you end up with a strong breeding population. I have noticed when buying mature and sub-adult shrimp that you are more likely to end up with a higher number of males because the berried females will always be removed before sale. I think buying younger shrimp is always in your benefit unless you are getting a favor from a friend.

5 stars, Buy OEBT http://www.alphaprobreeders.com/orange-eye-blue-tigers-sale-10/

Pictures of the shrimp – all about 1cm, most OEBT don’t show any color until twice this size.









Update – I also got a batch of Mischling shrimp (Taiwan bee shrimp hybrid with Crystal red/crystalblack) also very small but kind of awesome.)

I ordered a batch of 8 but as you can see I got more than 8 🙂

Mischling shrimp acclimating

After 30 minutes in their tank 

Most of the eggs have changed color a bit,some are still that orange color, but for the most part I think everything is going well, I hope she will hatch in the next day or so.

Berried OEBT 22 days

Not sure if you can tell but the eggs all look ready to hatch

She wont leave this spot in the Mopani

I think it fits her ass. (on a serious note she does leave but always into a similar hidey hole.

Okay got a new flashlight and some better pictures of the girl. It is hard to tell in the picture, but she will be hatching any day now. Perhaps today!!!. I can hope but even if she does I probably wont see the little buggers for a while, there are so many places to hide in that tank. Wish me luck, enjoy the pictures.

That's me in the corner.

That's me in the spotlight

Losing my religion...?

I thought that I heard you laughing

I thought that I heard you sing

I have not seen my berried OEBT in several days, she is apparently hiding from me. Maybe it means she is about to start hatching!

Here is hoping.

Not much to report on really. Two more regular tigers and a babaulti hatched in my breeding nets in my community tank, with 2 more tigers and a Malawa Shrimp due in the next 1-2 weeks. The babaulti fry are so small I almost thought the the female had just dropped her eggs, but they appear to be doing great.

Random Tank Photos

Just a few shots from around the tank. I got some decent snaps of the shrimp on the IAL (Indian Almond Leaf) as I mentioned before they love the stuff, get yourself some today. Mama to be still is not showing her face. Enjoy these other random pics from the tank.

Delicious Leaf nom nomin'

Look a tent! OEBT style

Speaking of noms this wood is delicious!

Just a little spec in the dark

What is that in the mirror?

Seriously I am pretty sure my tank got Zerg rushed by the blue player today! I have never really been able to get a good photo of what the Mopani looks like first thing in the morning, that is until today when they decided to that they were going to hold their ground against. Enough of the Starcraft nerd-dom and back to the shrimp. I think today really captured how much my OEBT really like the Mopani and I would highly recommend it for anyone who is raising shrimp that prefer softer water and lower pH.

Obviously I have an infestation.










Seriously that piece of blue substrate stuck in the wood is so annoying.











I had not seen Prego in a while and was starting to get worried and then last night I noticed a molting of about the proper size hiding near one of my plants, so I think she was just hiding after she had molted. This morning she was up and about again as active as ever.


Berried OEBT after a molt (day 15)

Here she is again.