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The is still 1 OEBT in my OEBT tank. It is 18 days old. The other OEBT is a lower grade in my community tank.

I had 4 BTOEs on order but the vendor had some issues with stock, So I will have to wait on those. I have a total of 29 OEBTs being delivered in the next week or so from 3 sources. They are of varied age and quality. I have been gradually reconditioning my OEBT tank to sit slightly more acidic (instead of 7.2-7.4pH I have lowered it to about 6.4-6.5) over the past 3 weeks. I used discus pH buffering in my RO water to get the pH where I wanted it. I also started using a mineral supplement with water changes. My RO water in the last few weeks has been coming out very high in ph (but still 0-10 ppm tds) so I am going to replace the filters this week as well. To see if it helps.


I am hoping my 1 survivor from the mayhem will go on to produce the next generation of Super Blue Tigers (arbitrary term referring to hardiness please don’t say I have some super strain of blue tigers that are a 4 inches long or something)


I have not posted in a while, as all but one of my OEBTs ended up dead from the infection. I have 1 OEBT and 1 Baby left, although I have not seen the baby in a couple days.


I do have more on the way and the baby and the 1 survivor have been solo and alive for almost a week.  I will post more pics soon. Identifying infection was a hard lesson to learn but now I know.

Day 5

As many of you may know I have recently been fighting off a bacterial infection in 2 of my tanks. In addition to 8 of the 10 shrimp sent to me in the initial order that I believe infected my tanks I have since lost 4 of my OEBTs (including the mother of these babies) 7 adult normal tigers including 2 berried females, 1 African dwarf frog, 1 guppy and probably more that I didn’t even see.

If you are planning on buying Orange Eyed Blue Tigers I recommend you read through this blog about how to spot infection in new shrimp, how to quarantine them effectively and how to treat them, also you may want to check out my vendor reviews so you know who to avoid.

Here is the hope left behind I have some baby OEBTs in my tank and I will be tracking them and watching them grow. I will be buying some more BTOEs and OEBTs to supplement my population as well once I am sure everything is stabilized.

Here are 2 photos of one of the babies on the glass this morning.

Baby OEBT day 5

For a point of reference my finger next to a 5 day old baby.

I didn’t see any babies yesterday, and while I was a little worries because the mother had died, I was still optimistic. Today I managed to spot 2 distinct babies around the tank and given how small they are and hard to spot I would not be surprised if there were at least a few more. Here is hoping.





Well at least 2 orphans. The girl who I followed around with a camera for the last month was found dead this morning, the day after hatching her eggs. One hell of a crappy birthday present!

I did see 2 of her babies in the tank and was able to snap these pictures.


Day 1 – OEBT development – “I am born”

Well she hatched her eggs, not sure how many babies are in the tank but after about 20 minutes of searching I found this guy(or girl).


Day 25 – Where have all the eggs gone?

Perhaps it is my own optimism but her eggs are all gone, I have not seen any of the little guys yet, but I am assuming she hatched them.

Day 24

I checked this morning and I the pregnant girl is still pregnant. I went to take a picture but it seems I left my camera on last night so the battery is dead. Looks like the broad spectrum antibiotics are working well. The shrimp who were cloudy are less cloudy and things are looking up. I will post pictures later today if I can find the girl.

Day 22 – Berried OEBT – About to Hatch

Most of the eggs have changed color a bit,some are still that orange color, but for the most part I think everything is going well, I hope she will hatch in the next day or so.

Berried OEBT 22 days

Not sure if you can tell but the eggs all look ready to hatch

She wont leave this spot in the Mopani

I think it fits her ass. (on a serious note she does leave but always into a similar hidey hole.

Berried OEBT – Day 21 (and a half)

Okay got a new flashlight and some better pictures of the girl. It is hard to tell in the picture, but she will be hatching any day now. Perhaps today!!!. I can hope but even if she does I probably wont see the little buggers for a while, there are so many places to hide in that tank. Wish me luck, enjoy the pictures.

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