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Big Girl Full of eggs!

Here is one of the two berried female Orange Eyed Blue Tiger Shrimp in my tank. She has so many eggs she looks like she is going to pop. I am once again excited for a new batch of young shrimp-lets.

The Plague took its toll, but I have had my new batch in the tank for a while now, no sign of infection and no deaths. It makes me very happy.

Typically I do!

This person go lucky because all the shrimp they said arrived in good health. They were high grade and the 2 berried females are doing very well. Typically  this kind of poor packaging arrived soaking wet with dead shrimp everywhere. This was a hobbyist and not a professional seller. He also was very nice about the 2 missing shrimp and quickly refunded all my money. I am not going to formally review the person because they are not a vendor.


Here are the pics, please take some humor in them knowing that all the shrimp are happy healthy and berried (2 of them) a week later.


Professional service and high quality shrimp that have a long history (bred by APB for over 7 years) of excellence.

APB ships small OEBT but I have never seen OEBT that have such nice color when so small. Most will not be colored up but when you see solid blue at 1/4th an inch you know you have very high quality stock.

I received 13 total shrimp instead of 10 and they all survived with 2nd day shipping.

Personally I recommend getting very young shrimp as you know you are more likely to get an even mix of sexes so in a month you end up with a strong breeding population. I have noticed when buying mature and sub-adult shrimp that you are more likely to end up with a higher number of males because the berried females will always be removed before sale. I think buying younger shrimp is always in your benefit unless you are getting a favor from a friend.

5 stars, Buy OEBT

Pictures of the shrimp – all about 1cm, most OEBT don’t show any color until twice this size.









Update – I also got a batch of Mischling shrimp (Taiwan bee shrimp hybrid with Crystal red/crystalblack) also very small but kind of awesome.)

I ordered a batch of 8 but as you can see I got more than 8 🙂

Mischling shrimp acclimating

After 30 minutes in their tank 

A New Beginning

I have received 3 separate shipments of OEBTs. They all look great!

I have 12 or so  very small ones that arrived from Alpha Pro Breeders. (My guess on age is between 12-20 days). For such young shrimp some have very nice color.

I received 6 shrimp from someone I met on Planted Tank, most were fully adults and 2 were berried with lots of eggs.

I received another 12 from AquaticaCafe, and those were once again very high grade OEBTs, all looked to be just barely sub adult (about 20-40 days).

I am hoping my 1 survivor and this newly formed colony do better than the first attempt.

The is still 1 OEBT in my OEBT tank. It is 18 days old. The other OEBT is a lower grade in my community tank.

I had 4 BTOEs on order but the vendor had some issues with stock, So I will have to wait on those. I have a total of 29 OEBTs being delivered in the next week or so from 3 sources. They are of varied age and quality. I have been gradually reconditioning my OEBT tank to sit slightly more acidic (instead of 7.2-7.4pH I have lowered it to about 6.4-6.5) over the past 3 weeks. I used discus pH buffering in my RO water to get the pH where I wanted it. I also started using a mineral supplement with water changes. My RO water in the last few weeks has been coming out very high in ph (but still 0-10 ppm tds) so I am going to replace the filters this week as well. To see if it helps.


I am hoping my 1 survivor from the mayhem will go on to produce the next generation of Super Blue Tigers (arbitrary term referring to hardiness please don’t say I have some super strain of blue tigers that are a 4 inches long or something)


I have not posted in a while, as all but one of my OEBTs ended up dead from the infection. I have 1 OEBT and 1 Baby left, although I have not seen the baby in a couple days.


I do have more on the way and the baby and the 1 survivor have been solo and alive for almost a week.  I will post more pics soon. Identifying infection was a hard lesson to learn but now I know.