I have all my plants, the tank, the filters, almost all my additives, (the Mosura Old Sea Mud got delayed ) all that is left is ups to deliver the Africana substrate.

I will be documenting the process and everything I used will be public. *Disclaimer I have never kept TBs before this is simply my attempt to setup an aesthetically pleasing tank for Taiwan bees.

As many of you know, I am not a breeder, I am a hobbyist. I don’t claim this will be the best possible setup or that it will even work. I don’t assume it will optimize breeding or that it will will be successful. I recommend if you are curious if my method works that you follow my blog and my progress for this tank before you attempt anything similar.

Also the tank is a 26 gallon bow front. I will be using Undergravel Filtration powered by HOB filters. If you have any specific questions or things you want me to show in my setup please add a comment.

The obligatory before picture.