The is still 1 OEBT in my OEBT tank. It is 18 days old. The other OEBT is a lower grade in my community tank.

I had 4 BTOEs on order but the vendor had some issues with stock, So I will have to wait on those. I have a total of 29 OEBTs being delivered in the next week or so from 3 sources. They are of varied age and quality. I have been gradually reconditioning my OEBT tank to sit slightly more acidic (instead of 7.2-7.4pH I have lowered it to about 6.4-6.5) over the past 3 weeks. I used discus pH buffering in my RO water to get the pH where I wanted it. I also started using a mineral supplement with water changes. My RO water in the last few weeks has been coming out very high in ph (but still 0-10 ppm tds) so I am going to replace the filters this week as well. To see if it helps.


I am hoping my 1 survivor from the mayhem will go on to produce the next generation of Super Blue Tigers (arbitrary term referring to hardiness please don’t say I have some super strain of blue tigers that are a 4 inches long or something)