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I have not seen my berried OEBT in several days, she is apparently hiding from me. Maybe it means she is about to start hatching!

Here is hoping.

Not much to report on really. Two more regular tigers and a babaulti hatched in my breeding nets in my community tank, with 2 more tigers and a Malawa Shrimp due in the next 1-2 weeks. The babaulti fry are so small I almost thought the the female had just dropped her eggs, but they appear to be doing great.

What is this shrimp

I found this at Aquatek, it was labeled “Mixed Fancy Shrimp” can anyone identify it.

Random Tank Photos

Just a few shots from around the tank. I got some decent snaps of the shrimp on the IAL (Indian Almond Leaf) as I mentioned before they love the stuff, get yourself some today. Mama to be still is not showing her face. Enjoy these other random pics from the tank.

Delicious Leaf nom nomin'

Look a tent! OEBT style

Speaking of noms this wood is delicious!

Just a little spec in the dark

What is that in the mirror?

No my berried blue tiger has not started hatching yet but I believe that my Mystery Snail eggs have begun to hatch. I am no expert on mystery snails but I don’t have any other snails in the tank and i wash all my plants well before they are put in the tank. The egg sack is also starting to show signs of hatching. Getting a photo was not easy because they are so small but I got 1. Hopefully I am correct and it is not some pest snail.

Update – They are probably Freshwater limpets, Acroloxus lacustris, a strange but harmless addition to the tank it seems, will keep you updated if that diagnosis changes.

Freshwater limpets, Acroloxus lacustris or possibly a very young - Mystery snail/apple snail baby.

I have won multiple auctions from this seller; additions after a win and combining shipping is always a super easy with this seller. Plants have always arrived healthy and quickly and professionally packaged.  Everytime I have ordered multiple items from this seller I have also received a “free gift” plant/plants. I am not sure if the free gift is standard as he does not advertise it, but I always find the “gifts” to be interesting additions to my tanks.

I highly recommend this Aquabid seller.

P_volitan’s Current Auctions

Based on temperature fluctuation and margin of error since it was first noticed, it is estimated we have about 5 days left. I am going to do a water change this weekend so when they arrive I wont have any need or desire to do another one for two or three weeks, right now the water is exceptionally clean and I expect it to stay that way though the hatching. I don’t want to add a breeder net to this tank because there is nothing to threaten the shrimp fry like in my community tank, where it is more important to keep the berried shrimp in the breeder nets.

As always I will keep you updated on the start of affairs.

OEBT on the edge

Hey are those free range OEBT eggs?

Nom Nom Nom, so tasty.




















Seriously I am pretty sure my tank got Zerg rushed by the blue player today! I have never really been able to get a good photo of what the Mopani looks like first thing in the morning, that is until today when they decided to that they were going to hold their ground against. Enough of the Starcraft nerd-dom and back to the shrimp. I think today really captured how much my OEBT really like the Mopani and I would highly recommend it for anyone who is raising shrimp that prefer softer water and lower pH.

Obviously I have an infestation.










Seriously that piece of blue substrate stuck in the wood is so annoying.











I had not seen Prego in a while and was starting to get worried and then last night I noticed a molting of about the proper size hiding near one of my plants, so I think she was just hiding after she had molted. This morning she was up and about again as active as ever.


Berried OEBT after a molt (day 15)

Here she is again.

Man if I could only get the shrimp to have a little Superman Shield… Either way it took quite a bit of coaxing to get this shrimp out of the CO2 diffuser before he died of lack of O2. Personally I think he wanted to pretend he was SuperShrimp and get some alone time in his own personal Fortress of Solitude, or maybe he was being Emo, I don’t know. On a more serious note when I did find him, he was really lethargic and at first I tried just shaking the diffuser a bit hoping he would get himself out but he was barely moving. The solution was rather simple in that I just tilted the diffuser and once “fresh” water came in the shrimp quickly came back to life and go himself out. I have taken this device out until I can rig it to make this not happen again.

Here are some of the Shrimp around the tank, I have a particular fondness for the medium blue color of these two

Orange eyed blue Tiger

I really like the appearance of the Medium Blue OEBTs.










If only all my OEBTs could look like this one.




I find that my shrimp are spending much of there time exploring the newly changed sponge filter, I am not sure why but they seem to like it more for the first few days it is in the tank and then are less interested in it after that. Because the filter is on the back of the tank, snapping photos is more difficult but here is one I got of an OEBT with one of the two Otocinclus in the tank, they also like the new Filters.

otocinclus and Orange Eyed Blue Tiger eating

Oto and OEBT having a snack at the Filter Bar











My Berried Orange Eyed Blue Tiger is still healthy and happy and moving along the Mopani, which seems to be the favorite place for these shrimp to graze new filter or not. They also like to hide in the darker underside of the wood and they do blend in quite well. I think it makes them feel safer and more secure.


13 days berried and still doing well.










Pregnant OEBT

Berried OEBT Day 13

Berried OEBT on Mopani - Day 13










Speaking of the Mopani, here are a couple more shots of OEBT on the Mopani

Very Light Blue, On Mopani.

Very light Blue on Mopani










Finally a couple miscellaneous shots from around my tank




















As you can see the tank and all the inhabitants are doing well.


Put on Ice

It is the start of March and already the weather is becoming an issue. I was doing a water change today and my RO unit is hooked to the hose and by the time I had enough water in the bucket the water was already about 76 degrees. (all of this was done before 11am)


I had anticipated this so I had frozen a zip lock bad full of water before hand and added that to the bucket. It cooled the ~3 gallons of water down to about 68 before I dumped it into the tank. The tank water went from 72 degrees down to 70 degrees and the shrimp all seem happy.

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