As many of you may know I have recently been fighting off a bacterial infection in 2 of my tanks. In addition to 8 of the 10 shrimp sent to me in the initial order that I believe infected my tanks I have since lost 4 of my OEBTs (including the mother of these babies) 7 adult normal tigers including 2 berried females, 1 African dwarf frog, 1 guppy and probably more that I didn’t even see.

If you are planning on buying Orange Eyed Blue Tigers I recommend you read through this blog about how to spot infection in new shrimp, how to quarantine them effectively and how to treat them, also you may want to check out my vendor reviews so you know who to avoid.

Here is the hope left behind I have some baby OEBTs in my tank and I will be tracking them and watching them grow. I will be buying some more BTOEs and OEBTs to supplement my population as well once I am sure everything is stabilized.

Here are 2 photos of one of the babies on the glass this morning.

Baby OEBT day 5

For a point of reference my finger next to a 5 day old baby.