Seriously I am pretty sure my tank got Zerg rushed by the blue player today! I have never really been able to get a good photo of what the Mopani looks like first thing in the morning, that is until today when they decided to that they were going to hold their ground against. Enough of the Starcraft nerd-dom and back to the shrimp. I think today really captured how much my OEBT really like the Mopani and I would highly recommend it for anyone who is raising shrimp that prefer softer water and lower pH.

Obviously I have an infestation.










Seriously that piece of blue substrate stuck in the wood is so annoying.











I had not seen Prego in a while and was starting to get worried and then last night I noticed a molting of about the proper size hiding near one of my plants, so I think she was just hiding after she had molted. This morning she was up and about again as active as ever.


Berried OEBT after a molt (day 15)

Here she is again.