Here are some of the Shrimp around the tank, I have a particular fondness for the medium blue color of these two

Orange eyed blue Tiger

I really like the appearance of the Medium Blue OEBTs.










If only all my OEBTs could look like this one.




I find that my shrimp are spending much of there time exploring the newly changed sponge filter, I am not sure why but they seem to like it more for the first few days it is in the tank and then are less interested in it after that. Because the filter is on the back of the tank, snapping photos is more difficult but here is one I got of an OEBT with one of the two Otocinclus in the tank, they also like the new Filters.

otocinclus and Orange Eyed Blue Tiger eating

Oto and OEBT having a snack at the Filter Bar











My Berried Orange Eyed Blue Tiger is still healthy and happy and moving along the Mopani, which seems to be the favorite place for these shrimp to graze new filter or not. They also like to hide in the darker underside of the wood and they do blend in quite well. I think it makes them feel safer and more secure.


13 days berried and still doing well.










Pregnant OEBT

Berried OEBT Day 13

Berried OEBT on Mopani - Day 13










Speaking of the Mopani, here are a couple more shots of OEBT on the Mopani

Very Light Blue, On Mopani.

Very light Blue on Mopani










Finally a couple miscellaneous shots from around my tank