I have made several purchases from Bob’s Tropical Plants (also known as Mgamer20o0 on Aquabid).

I find generally purchasing directly from the site is https://www.bobstropicalplants.com/ ( http://www.bobstropicalplants.com/shop/en/  store website) to be as good of a deal as from aquabid and you don’t have to wait or compete with other bidders to get what you are looking for.

The quality of the livestock and shipping is high end and very competitively priced. I highly recommend the Indian Almond Leaves for any shrimp tank that needs a slow and mild reduction in PH or just wants to improve the general health of their shrimp. I noticed a spike in successful breeding ( berried females) 10 days after introducing the IAL.

I have Some normal tiger shrimp, some Neocaridina “Orange,” and some green shrimp from Bob’s. All seem healthy and happy and some of the bigger ones have turned up berried.

Shipping is pretty standard and he will refund you if your shipping is significantly less than charged.