(Also Approx T minus 32 days)

I decided That my now stable 10 gallon is nice and all, but I want more.

I begin to cruz craigslist.

Within a week I have purchased a 25 gallon setup (Tank, filter, stand, food, rocks, ect)

and traded a PS3 for a 55 gallon setup.

I have also traveled to all the local pet shops in Austin, Texas or at least most of them.

I am officially addicted to this new hobby, which is probably taking the place of my World of Warcraft addiction, which I gave up after finding out I was going to be a father (He was born November 30th 2011) . My guild was my baby but I was about to have a real child, so even though the guild was in the top 5% of wow guilds and I was the GM and I also had been competitive  (2200+) in multiple pvp brackets and rated battlegrounds (2600+), it was time for a change, time for a hobby that did not take up 20+ hours a week. Aquariums were that hobby.

Side Note – My son (at 2 months old) loves to look at the aquariums, it seems very calming to him.